The Team

Rabbi Hagay Batzri


Rabbi Hagay Batzri was born in Jerusalem into a family of rabbis and cantors. He is descended from the Ben Ish Chai and from Rabbi Yehuda Ftaya, and his father heads the supreme rabbinical court of Israel. In 1997 he received his rabbinical smicha from Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi for the State of Israel...

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Laurent Masliah


Born and raised in Paris, Laurent Masliah named his new Beverly Hills restaurant after the river that meanders through the center of his hometown. Masliah grew up in the city’s 16th arrondissement with a mother who attended culinary school when he was young—providing him with a chance to eat...

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Ezra Batzri


Ezra Batzri was born in Los Angeles to a Torah household where the major influences were from the Ben Ish Hai and other Sephardic Torah sages while at the same time during school and Yeshiva he grew accustomed to the Ashkenazi style of pilpul from the Lithuanian hashkafa. Today he is ...

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Sara Brodsky


Sara Brodsky was born in Moscow, Russia and grew up in San Francisco, CA. She studied in Tomer Devorah Seminary in Eretz Yisroel in 2013-2014 and graduated with a BA in Speech Pathology from Yeshiva University (Stern College for Women) in 2017. Sara has experience working as a su...

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